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Dream Cardigan My Size

Dream Cardigan My Size

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Drømme Cardigan My Size is a half-length cardigan knitted in the softest Snowflake in a classic semi-patent pattern. The cardigan is knitted from top to bottom, which gives you the opportunity to try on the model along the way and adjust the length if you wish. The sleeves are slightly balloon-shaped and finished with a stockinette cuff.

Practical information:

  • Size: XS (S) M (L) XL (XXL).
  • The model's finished chest measurement: approx. 92 (98) 105 (111) 117 (123) cm.
  • Yarn: Snowflake from CaMaRose
  • This is what you need:
  • Yarn consumption square neck: 10 (11) 11 (12) 13 (14) keys Snowflake.
  • Yarn consumption V-neck: 9 (10) 10 (11) 12 (13) keys Snowflake.
  • Buttons: For the model with a square neck, 5 buttons of 25 mm must also be used.
  • Guide needles: Circular needles no. 5 (60) cm or longer for the neck rib and circular needles no. 6 (60) cm or longer for the yoke and lower part, as well as the sleeves. Double pointed needles no. 5 for the two pocket edges and double pointed needles no. 6 for the pocket bag and the sleeve cuff.
  • Please note that the stick size is only indicative! It is therefore always recommended to make a knitting test, to find the correct knitting strength, before starting the actual work! In addition, it is recommended to have a round/pin counter to keep track of the number of pins, so that you can more easily find out where you are in the work!
  • Knitting strength: approx. 13 mx 24 p is equivalent to 10 cm x 10 cm on p no. 6 in half patent. Approx. 15 mx 22 p is equivalent to 10 cm x 10 cm on p no. 6 in stockinette stitch.

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