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Æröpigen's Marskemarkør set

Æröpigen's Marskemarkør set

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Lene makes luxury jewelery for your knitwear in her small workshop. Lene works with precious stones. semi-precious stone. real pearls and natural stones. The metal is 925 sterling silver and, of course, nick-free.

We have made our very own unique mask marker set, which is available either gold-plated or silver

The set is carefully coordinated with the colors of the Ærøpigens folk dress and contains:

Ruby - Carnelian - Mossagat - Sunstone - Lapis - Lazuli - Carnelian - Aventurine - Lapis Lazuli and Tiger's Eye

Set covers the following needle sizes:

2x up to 12mm

2x up to 10mm

5x up to 7.5mm

1x up to 8mm (open closable)

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