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Llama wool

Llama wool

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Llama wool from CaMaRose is very soft. rustic and spun from 50% Lama wool. 50% Pure new wool

Llama wool is a delicious and exclusive natural product. Llama wool is lanolin-free. light and strong. The hollow structure of the fibers provides exceptionally good insulation.

Llama wool ½ only unfolds completely when it has been knitted and rinsed. A knitted and washed sample is therefore highly recommended to get the full impression of the yarn's properties. expression and softness.

Llama wool naturally has very variable fiber lengths, which gives excess fibers in the work process. The majority of these fibers are washed out during the first washes, which makes the result even softer and more delicious.

Product info:

Material: 50% Lama wool and 50% Pure new wool

Indicative knitting density 17-18 stitches x 24 needles.

Recommended needles: 4.5 - 5.0 mm.

Weight / length: 50 grams = 100 meters.

Wool wash max 30 degrees/ Dry flat.

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