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Plötulopi from Istex, also called platagarn, is Icelandic spun wool and is traditionally used to make authentic Icelandic Lopi sweaters. It is fragile and must be handled with care.

Plötulopi is mostly knitted using one or two threads. resulting in garments. which are unusually light and airy. Plötulopi is surprisingly strong once it is knitted. thanks to the fantastic properties of Icelandic wool.

You knit directly from the plates. by using the thread from the inside. When using two threads. knit with both the outer and inner thread.

A single strand of Plötulopi is very delicate. It comes apart easily. but can also be easily assembled by zeroing/splicing the ends together. It can also be reinforced by knitting together with a thread Einband. if you want a softer result, you can also knit Plötulopi together with a thin mohair thread.

Plötulopi is fantastic for sweaters and cardigans but also felting. hand spinning and many other things.

Product info:

  • Material: 100% spun Icelandic wool
  • Indicative knitting tension and needles: 1 thread 19 m = 10 cm on needle 4mm / 2 threads 14 m = 10 cm on needle 5mm
  • Weight / length: 100g/approx. 300m
  • Wash: Hand wash (we recommend Eucalan as a wool detergent) / Dry flat.
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