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Elba is a really airy and very soft yarn. The yarn is spun on soft, brushed Suri alpaca, which gives a really lovely and fluffy structure.

With one thread Elba, e.g. shawls and thin blouses become wonderfully light and airy. Elba can be used for both knitting and crocheting. With a single thread and stick/needle from 3-5 mm, it is easy to regulate which structure and density you want. With 2, 3 or more strands of Elba at the same time, you get more fullness and volume, and still a light and airy result. Elba is also an obvious companion thread together with, for example, a thin wool quality, where Elba will give more structure and a lovely woolly result.

Elba can also be used as an alternative to silk mohair such as Mayflower Super Kid Silk, as Elba has finer and softer fibers than mohair. In addition, Elba does not shed in the same way as silk mohair, just as Elba is more affordable. For recipes with Super Kid Silk, you can therefore use Elba instead. However, always remember to start by making a knitting sample, which is washed according to the instructions, before you start the project.

Elba is perfect for soft clothing such as sweaters and cardigans, just as it is also great for accessories such as a hat or a shawl. The long running length means that you don't need many keys for, for example, a sweater.

Product info:

  • Material: 68% alpaca, 32% polyamide
  • Indicative knitting strength 22 mx 32 rows = 10 x 10 cm
  • Recommended needles: 3.5-4 mm
  • Weight / length: 25 grams = approx. 250 meters.
  • Sink
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