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Lykke Crafts

Happy Interchangeable Tips

Happy Interchangeable Tips

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Lykke Needles are made of birch and are smooth and easy to work with. The sticks have a fine transition between stick tip and wire, and the size is embossed into the stick so that the text does not disappear in use. The needles are available both as "fixed" needles, loose tips in a short version (for 40 cm needles = sleeve needles) and a long version. We also have stick sets with both short and long tips.

All Lykke Crafts knitting needles/sets are produced and assembled by craftsmen in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Lykke Crafts adheres to the artisanal tradition and quality, which contributes to prosperity, better living conditions and at the same time improved educational opportunities for the children in the area.

Although this means that it sometimes takes a long time from ordering an item to delivery, we think it is important to support it and we have therefore chosen Lykke Crafts as our main supplier of knitting needles and accessories.

Remember that wires are NOT included when you buy loose tips, they must be purchased separately. Lykke needles and KnitPro needles fit together and can be used interchangeably.

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