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LettLopi from Istex is probably the most popular yarn of the Istex yarns

The quality is 100% Icelandic eco-friendly yarn where you use the hot springs to wash the wool in and the dyeing of the wool is environmentally friendly

Istex buys the wool directly from the Icelandic farmers and the wool is processed at the spinning mill, where the treatment takes into account the preservation of the unique properties Icelandic wool has from nature. This makes the Icelandic wool lighter than other wool products. The wool's unique structure with an inner and outer fiber makes it both water-repellent and breathable.

LèttLopi is particularly suitable for sweaters. skirts. poncho. hat. gloves. carpets etc.

LèttLopi is also suitable for felting

Product info:

  • Material: 100% Icelandic wool
  • Indicative knitting density: 17-18 m - 10 cm
  • Recommended needles: 4.5mm - 5.0mm
  • Weight / length: 50g/100m
  • Washing: Hand wash (we recommend you use Eucalan) / Dry flat.
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