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Augusta Baby blanket

Augusta Baby blanket

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The Augusta Baby blanket is a fine baby blanket for both boys and girls. It is knitted back and forth on a circular needle.

The pattern contracts quite a bit, especially in height, while knitting. but smooths out in the wash, which is why the measurements will be different before and after washing.

You can enlarge the carpet yourself for e.g. junior 94 x 126 cm. adult 112 x 196 cm or other desired measurement. The width is increased by 4.5 cm for every extra 12 m and extra repetition of * * / blue field. For each additional repetition of the 18 stitches, the height increases by 5 cm. Under yarn and consumption, an estimated consumption for these specified measurements is indicated.


  • Finished dimensions of the carpet: Approx. 76 x 101 cm. measured after washing and blocking.
  • Guideline Yarn and consumption: 5 skeins Organic summer wool from CaMaRose. 7 The rug in the picture is knitted in the color Dark Mustard 2036.
  • Yarn alternatives: 6 skeins Yaku , Estimated consumption Size. Junior (Adult):  Organic Summer wool 8 (14) keys. Yaku 9 (16) keys.
  • Guide Needles: Knit back and forth on circular needle No. 3.5. 80 cm.
  • Knitting strength: Knitted in pattern on needle No. 3.5. washed and blocked 24 mx 36 p.
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