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Anna-Rose's beret

Anna-Rose's beret

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NOTE: CaMaRose only allows this recipe to be sold together with CaMaRose yarn

Anna-Rose's beret is a cute hat for girls and goes with Anna-Rose's neck scarf.
The hat has a really beautiful and classic smock pattern.
The smock is knitted and requires neither auxiliary needles nor additional assembly.
The hat is knitted in the round on circular needle, starting with the ribbed edge.
Change to shorter circular needles. as the work requires it and finally change to double crochets.


  • Size: ½-1 (2-3) 4-5 (6-9) years.
  • Yarn: Llama wool (50% llama & 50% wool) from
  • Yarn alternative: LamaTweed or 2 strands of Yaku (100% merino wool that has been superwash treated) both from
  • Yarn consumption: 2 skeins. as well as possibly a remainder in a different color for the edge of the opening (however, this can be omitted and the hat can be knitted in a single-coloured yarn).
  • Indicative knitting needles: Circular needle no. 4.5 and 5 (40 cm). 5 (60 cm) and double pointed needles size 5.
  • Indicative knitting density: 24 mx 24 rounds = 10 x 10 cm in smock pattern on needle no. 5.
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