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Ærø Whisky

Ærø Single Cask Rum 60%

Ærø Single Cask Rum 60%

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Ærø Single Cask Rum:

Around 500 bottles of Single Cask Rum are bottled annually.

That's 2 barrels of 128 litres.

The bottles are numbered by hand with bottle & barrel number.

Ærø Single Cask Rum is ready for sale in November each year.

As always, the production is with natural color. without E-numbers and without added sugar.

So a relatively dry rum. where we clearly sense the taste of the raw material. i.e. the sugar cane. in addition notes of dry sherry.

The rum is made with molasses from the Caribbean Sea.

It is bottled at 60% alcohol. It is almost full cask strength.

The barrels are of Spanish oak with medium+ firing on the inside.

Aged 5 years in Oloroso sherry casks.

Enjoy with an ice cube.

Contents: 50 cl

60% vol

Cask no. 1 - sold out from the distillery

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