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ÆRØ The shirt

ÆRØ The shirt

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ÆRØ is a nice classic Nordic sweater in a simple, beautiful design.

Hanne Rimmen was inspired by the fine organic pattern for the Ærø sweater's main piece on one of her visits to Ærø, where she was walking along Vester Strand near Ærøskøbing and saw the fine round stones on the beach.


  • Size: SML-XL-XXL
  • Oversize: approx. 90-(98) -106-(114) -128 cm - The excess width is the finished measurement of the jersey. 4 - 8 cm must be calculated for freedom of movement.
  • Sleeve length: approx. 45 (46) 47 (48) 50 cm
  • Full length: approx. 62 (65) 69 (70) 71 cm
  • The original yarn: Nobilis and Cava from Garna Amount of base color: 250 and 100g/300g and 125g /300g and 125g/350g and 150g/ 350g and 150g
  • Yarn suggestions: Ærøgarn from Ærøpigen or LettLopi from Istex or 1 thread of Thin Llama Wool together with 1 thread of Midnight Sun from CaMaRose or 2 threads of Midnight Sun from CaMaRose
  • Knit strength: 20 mx 24 rows = 10 x 10 cm on needles no. 4.0 mm

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