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Chunky Highland

Chunky Highland

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Chunky Highland a rustic but soft and delicious pure wool
Fantastic untreated "real" wool, from crossbred sheep from the Andes mountains. The sheep is a cross between Merino and Corridale sheep, each contributing softness and durability.
The yarn has a micron of 24.5 and is therefore more rustic than a sw treated merino, but it has all the advantages of untreated wool, and is a good and softer alternative to, for example, Icelandic sweaters.

Chunky Highland is perfect alone or with other yarns.

In addition, the yarn filters exceptionally well, and can be used for slippers, deck towels and much more.

Product info:

  • Material: 100% Andean Highland Wool
  • Indicative knitting strength 15 stitches - needle 5.0mm
  • Recommended sticks: 5.0mm - 7.0mm.
  • Weight / length: 50 grams = 90 meters.
  • Hand wash / Dry flat.
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