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Winnie's Cardigan

Winnie's Cardigan

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NOTE: CaMaRose only allows that this recipe is sold together with CaMaRose yarn

Winnie's Cardigan is a recipe for a good and simple basic cardigan which is extremely useful. No less than 3 different knitting weights are specified in the recipe. that makes it possible to knit the model even if you do not quite reach the recommended knitting strength. However, you must be aware that the yarn consumption can vary slightly. depending on which knitting strength is achieved. You can also choose to knit a waisted cardigan or one without a waist.


  • Size: XS (S) M (L) XL (XXL).
  • Chest measurement of the finished model at knitting strength of:

28 sts per 10 cm: 97 (103) 108 (114) 120 (126) cm.

29 sts per 10 cm: 94 (99) 105 (110) 116 (121) cm.

30 sts per 10 cm: 91 (96) 101 (107) 112 (117) cm.

  • Yarn quality: Pima cotton from CaMaRose.
  • Recommended yarn consumption: Color 1 (contrast color): 1 skein (applies to all sizes. Color 2 (ground color): 6 (7) 7 (8) 8 (9) skeins.
  • Yarn alternative: Yaku from CaMaRose or Organic Summer wool from CaMaRose.
  • Knitting strength: 3 different knitting strengths are specified for the pattern. 28. 29 and 30 sts per 10 cm. It is therefore recommended to knit a knitting test first (see below). Once this is done. the sample is measured to find the knitting strength and then the size to be knitted is chosen.
  • Indicative knitting needles: Circular needle no. 2.5mm 80 or 100 cm and double pointed needles no. 2.5mm
  • Accessories: 7 buttons 2.0mm
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